Caldwell Stone seeks to provide it’s customers with a consistent product to match many different construction and residential applications.


Some of our aggregates are specialized including:

Concrete Aggregate – We provide approved aggregate for concrete use.

Construction Aggregate – Caldwell Stone provides building materials for many different construction projects such as: roads, buildings – both commercial and residential -, bridges, erosion control, driveways, asphalt pavement and foundations. We also provide state approved material for highways in both asphalt mixes and base material.

Aglime – Our aglime is used to neutralize the acidity in soils. We provide a very fine aglime produced through an air classifier, which improves it’s effectiveness.


Our list of standard crushed stone sizes
are as follows:

Base Stones

  • DGA – Dense Graded Aggregate (Rock 1″ max with fines blended in)
  • 610’s – (Rock 1″ top size with crusher run)
  • CSB – Crushed Stone Base – (Rock 1.5″ max with fines blended in)

Clean Stone (no dust)

  • 23’s or 2’s – (1″-3″ rock with no fines,
    size of a fist)
  • 4’s – (.75″-1.5″ rock with no fines,
    size of a Hen egg)
  • 57’s – (.5″-1″ rock with no fines,
    size plastic bottle cap)
  • 8’s – (.25″-.5″ rock with no fines,
    size of a marble)


  • CIS or DD#10– manufactured limestone sand – (3/16″ down to dust)

Rip Rap (erosion control)

  • Class II Rip Rap – (5″-9″ rock, softball size
    to cantaloupe size)
  • Class III Rip Rap – (6″-18″ rock, basketball size to car tire size)